University of Illinois Admissions

Working as an intern at the Office of Communications for Enrollment Management at the University of Illinois Champaign-Urbana, I design brochures, banners, presentations, create graphics, and design interfaces for both mobile and web. The work I do involves taking notice to typography, layout design, and web development. Collaborating and gathering feedback from other designers, I help to design visuals to display for recruiting prospective students and their families. 


For the admitted students of Fall 2017, we created a playful, interactive book for students to feel more at home here at Illinois. I collaborated with my fellow designers to arrange various layouts for the pages, along with creating a couple of posters for students to cut out and hang up. Here are some of the layouts I worked on!


The Admissions homepage changes every so often, relating to an upcoming deadline or an event. I had the opportunity to illustrate and partially code the page for the site, adjusting type and image for a responsive design. Here are some of the pages I have created over the years.


Other fun things that I have worked on include hand drawing a coloring page for the students, designing the shirt for UIUC's 2016 Web Con, and help with creating signs for Campus Visits.