Market at the Square

The Problem:

Every Saturday morning in downtown Urbana, there is a Farmer's Market held at Lincoln Square Mall where they sell various goods, such as produce, meat, dairy, local beer and wine, handmade art and crafts, and more. This event is a great way to explore more about the community and support local farms and artists. Although the Farmer's Market is right down the street from the University of Illinois in Champaign-Urbana campus, very few students come out to experience all it has to offer. 

The Solution:

I collaborated with Grace Sullivan and Morgan Cleary to create a more modern, urban feel of identity that would engage the students of UIUC to be more involved. We wanted to display posters on more campus areas so that students would feel more engaged to visit. Our idea for as an installation included having students color with chalk into the stencils on the pavement of the university's Quad, where posters and flyers would be available for direction.