Bison Brew

The Problem:

The Plains Bison are a near threatened species that are at risk of long-term conservation. Due to habitat loss from human intervention, these Plains Bison are limited to where they are able to roam freely today. The Plains Bison once ranged over much of North America, but due to early settlement and land use, they are very limited.

The Solution:

Bison Brew IPA is a concept beer brand created to raise awareness of the Plains Bison and reach out to an older audience about their threatened state. The proceeds of the beer would then go towards the restoration of the American Prairie as home to these animals. I created a booklet describing more about these bison, the issue, and why it is important that we make a change.

The box, booklet, and name tags are made entirely out of recyclable Prairie Grass and Cotton fibers; the fibers were used to create the thicker paper, which I hand pulled myself while working at Fresh Press, an Agri-Fiber Paper Research Lab at UIUC led by Eric Benson, and used to build the box. With such an organic material being used, I wanted to add some structure in my style of the design.